Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Page 6

Well finishing this page almost makes up for not going to NY Comic-Con.


Truth is, it wasn't in the cards for me to go no matter what, as my Grand Mom Stroman's 90th birthday was on Saturday. No way was I going to miss that. And it was a wonderful time and a blessed day. No regrets on that front.

But more to the point, I just didn't have enough of Orbiter as a whole to present to the public. Although I do have a rocking 86 page illustration collection of my work [ I wouldn't call it a "sketch book" 'cause frankly, there aren't any sketches in it! lol!] that I could have sold... but I just wanted to have "more".

So moving forward I've decided The Philadelphia ECBACC Con will be my coming out party for Space Station Orbiter: Cloud 99. You read it here first, and now it's in virtual print so I'm commited! Exactly how I present it at this point is up to two major factors. One, how many pages are completed by April [the con's in May but I have to give a potential printer a few weeks time to do their stuff]. And two, how much money will I have to print the damn thing up. Something tells me I'll be combining Orbiter pages with my MARK NEMESIS: THE AVATAR work. That should make for a rocking package, along with the illustration book and some prints my bases should be well covered. Will keep all five of you posted as the date draws nearer!

As for the page. VERY happy with it. I'm showing my age here, but does anyone remember that awesome issue of Marvel Fanfare where Michael Golden pencilled, inked, and colored the battle between the Hulk and the Flu-induced Spiderman? THAT my friend, as they say... was the shit! Well I especially loved the Shield war room scenes and that's the vibe I was channeling for this page.