Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our Story So Far...

Well folks, I'm back. Finished off another page and lettered everything so far. Please forgive me, this is actually my first attempt at comic lettering and it's a little more tricky than I anticipated, but I'm learning quickly. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the results. Up until this point the pages and images have been disjointed although I made every attempt to include the appropriate copy to give everyone a basic idea of what Orbiter is about. I take this one step further now by letting folks read the first five pages for themselves. In addition, I've included another snippet from my press release which further explains the Space Station Orbiter: Cloud 99 mythos.


Welcome to the universe of SPACE STATION ORBITER: CLOUD 99: a massive Mars orbiting station, which serves as the first and ultimately the last line of defense against an encroaching alien confrontation. The core inhabitants of SPACE STATION ORBITER: CLOUD 99 is the elite force Sanction 7. Paranormals that were genetically enhanced and specifically chosen from each of the twelve settled city-states on Mars.

In addition to their myriad paranormal abilities all are psi sensitive able to psionically activate various machines, hardware and spacecraft. The most impressive mechanical constructs under their mental command are Towering space worthy mobile suites designed for short-range space warfare.

These enhanced individuals find themselves thrusted into the theater of intergalactic war where the inhabitants of Mars can no longer remain on the sidelines¼

What is SPACE STATION ORBITER: CLOUD 99? A science fiction space opera first and foremost. Mix the pacing and tension of the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK with the angst and unique mecha design of NEON GENESIS EVANGELION with the futuristic optimism and super-powered youth of the LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES and you have SPACE STATION ORBITER: CLOUD 99.

What is SPACE STATION ORBITER: CLOUD 99? Orbiter Cloud 99 is a experimental space station with technology to fold space, making instantaneous long range teleportation possible. That technology along with the Ape-like mechas known as Dreadnaughts and the genetically enhanced paranormals entrusted to pilot them makes Orbiter Cloud 99 the linchpin of New Mars military forces.

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Page 2

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Page 5

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

What a nice way to start the new year. Finished work, met my boo, we went out to our favorite diner ordering our favorite meals at the stroke of midnight, went home and walked the dog together, shot the shit and I settled in for another wee-morning session with the photoshop thingie with HONEYROOT and KASKADE as my ambient, chilled house music soundtrack.

I mean really. Nights like this is what you thank God for. So thanx higher powers!!!

Just about finished page three, certainly complete enough to post. Early on, I knew this page was going to be a little more complicated than normal so opted to pencil different elements separately then combine them later in photoshop. That proved to be a prudent move and I'm quite happy with the results.