Sunday, January 29, 2012

...FINALLY Space Station Orbiter is HERE!

This little project took longer to come to fruition than I ever expected, but It's here now ready for anyone to enjoy. A lot has happened over the years while this little story was in development. Most of which wasn't good.

Everyone knows what happened towards the end of 2008. Yes OBAMA got elected. Unfortunately along with him making it into the oval office the beginning of the great recession ushered into existence as well. Many of us are STILL feeling the effects of that recession. Myself very much included.

I was one of the lucky ones. I kept my job, but many in my immediate and extended family along with friends and acquaintances weren't so lucky. Sometimes I didn't feel fortunate at all. Like many of us, I was forced to work longer hours, cut back on all sorts of luxuries, move just to save on rent. The list goes on...

It was a very humbling experience, and quite frankly this experience continues to humble. I was never a religious person, but considered myself a spiritual person. GOD, the universe, karma, whatever you want to call it DID answer my prayers. It kept me healthy enough to work the longer hours I had to endure to keep my family above water. I THANK GOD EVERYDAY. I help those closest to me and sometimes those not so close to honor his grace. I thank my partner, my family and my friends for helping me in all kinds of ways. I couldn't stay strong without them.

But everything comes with a price. Many of the grandiose plans I had in my head pertaining to creating, drawing, publishing fell to the wayside. It was a struggle just to draw regularly. But there's a really beautiful thing about adversity. It makes you stronger. It gives you character. And perhaps most importantly, it makes you SMARTER. Being smart means recognizing new limitations and not letting it stop you. My "real" job workload HASN'T gotten any lighter. If anything the weight of it has increased. But that doesn't mean I can't continue to follow my dreams as best I can.

Which brings me back full circle to ORBITER. Wasn't my intent to present this story in black and white. In fact many of the pages were fully colored. Wasn't my intent to digitally ink the pencils instead of true inks... but here you have it. Wasn't my intent to even just post it online for FREE [at least for now]. But here I am doing just that. All that matters to me now is just doing the work AND TELLING THE STORIES.

And here's where I get brutally honest. There isn't going to be a consistent schedule for uploading pages. But when I have new work to upload rest assured I will. And when I do, for those following me on DeviantArt will know, those that are friends on FACEBOOK, as well as other comic related social media will know as well. And when I'm not uploading pages here rest assured I'll be posting pages on my MARK NEMESIS blog. And when I'm not uploading there rest assured I'll be posting recent COMMISSIONS and personal gems on my DeviantArt pages.

I intend to make these bad times THE BEST TIMES. Join me won't you?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year-- NEW BLOG!

Shhhh... Don't tell anybody but I've quietly and with little fan fare decided to launch a sister blog/web comic called Mark Nemesis: Warlock. Check it out!