Friday, July 24, 2009

Gritz N Gravy Artbook on sale!

Gritz N Gravy is the brainchild of Paris Cullins, and at it's core was always a place for creators with progressive urban sensibilities to express themselves. It started off as a template for a magazine but quickly morphed into what could best be discribed as a lush coffee table art book. The initial print run was extremely limited and sold out quickly. As a collective we've dragged our feet somewhat in terms of getting the project back to print. Mostly due to the fact that most of us have moved on to other projects. But the wait is over. The book is back into print.

The book features the stories, artwork and interviews of African- American creators, most of whom reside in Philadelphia Pa. Works by Mike Leeke, Sky Owens, Eric Battle, Isreba Aiken, Clive Arno, Paris Cullins and of course me, Christopher Taylor.

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