Saturday, November 15, 2008

Aliens! 2

Two days later and another post...hmmm.... not bad! This is the kind of trend I really need to keep up. Here's another important alien race that populates the galaxy in the Space Station Orbiter series. Enjoy.

KRAVORIANS: This race of beings initially clashed with the Xerus sparking the thousand year war with first the Xerus and eventually the Va’-N’LL Vox as well. Considered the most proficient in the art of warfare, in the end the Kravorians decimated the Xerus population. The Xerus has yet to fully recover from the loss of 75% of its people from Kravorian war initiatives. The Kravorians participate with Arcadian unified galaxy trading agreements out of necessity. It depleted its three worlds’ natural resources thru the millennium long war. Kravorian’s primary export is genetic manipulation. Every other race has benefited from their technology as natural life spans have been extended by decades.

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