Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Aliens! Part 1

Been gone for a few days... a bit longer than I intended but I'm back. The next batch of sketches will be of the various aliens that inhabit the Space Station Orbiter universe.

World building can sometimes be daunting if I think about it too much. My first instinct is to simply jump into the pages and design as I go. And I'm sure as this project really gets going that's probably EXACTLY what I'll do. Unfortunately, I instinctually know that's not the way to go now. The more problem solving I can get thru at the design stage, the better. And since I don't have a design team consisting of Dave Johnson, Jim Lee, Cheeks and Paul Rivoche I'm just going to have to muddle thru as best I can...

These two are Ra- Kreallians, basically the villians of the story.

The RA-KREALLIANS: It is theorized the Ra-Kreallians are from an alternate universe, whose system shifted into Unified space two thousand years ago. The only race that was not directly contacted by the Xerus. Instead, the Ra-Kreallians petitioned for admittance to the Arcadian Trade Alliance. Not much is known about the Ra-Kreallians even now. What is known is that their technology rivals that of the Xerus.

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