Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Aliens! 3

Okay, working 48 to 50 hrs a week with only one day off per week for the last 4 weeks probably wasn't the most condusives schedule for getting artwork done. But I should be grateful for the overtime when most folks are losing their jobs left and right. Citi-Bank comes to mind with the loss of 50,000 jobs alone yesterday. And yet I've managed to post at least one piece every two days of late. Here's hoping I can keep this up!

THE XERUS: Oldest race known in the unified galaxies. The first to discover interplanetary space travel. In addition to spacecraft the Xerus invented warp gates- enormous constructs which activate navigational wormholes which make intergalaxy space travel possible. Initially, the Xerus were quite warlike attempting to conquer two other alien races, the Va’-N’LL Vox and the Kravorians. After a thousand year war relative peace resulted and served as the basis of the unified galaxies which would eventually annex three more space worthy alien races. The Xerus are hyper intelligent and a somewhat cold race. They value co-operation and extensive trading of resources. The Xerus have three sexes, all three are needed to procreate.

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