Wednesday, November 5, 2008


One of the nice things about this blog is I get to make new friends interested about my work. But every so often, a old friend catches up with you, reminding you're on the right track. Take fellow artist Brad Rader... we've been out of touch for awhile but he was kind enough to say a few good words about my blog. Of course as all discussions these days seem to go... it devolved [or in this particular case evolved] into the state of the presidential race. Somehow I don't think he'd mind me reprinting a portion of our e-mail exchange here...

"Oh my God. Obama is President!!! I'm in shock. I'm stunned. Throughout my entire adult life I have felt nothing but despair for the future of this country. Everything just seems to get worse...especially after 911. But I truly feel we've turned a corner. I feel optimistic about our future. Last week the city erupted in joy due to the Phillies winning the world series. It was electric. Well clearly, lightning has struck again in our fair city in less than a week's time. Center city was FULL of Obama supporters, the streets full of cars honking and men and women yelling out their joy. Me? I just cried. I was elated, and completely stunned. But the points you make are extremely valid. We need him to come thru with everything he's promised. And we can't let those 20th century dinosaurs called Republicans thwart his, no... OUR wave of change."

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